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1.1 Pilot

Starfly - "Crash & Burn"
Sarah McLachlan - "Fear"

Eleventeen - "Let's Go for a Ride"

Living In Question - "My Mother Was a Sun Worshipper"

The Hippos - "Shake It Up"

Hexx - "Hallucination Generation"

Dave Matthews Band - "Crash Into Me"
Episode 1.2 The Morning After

James William Hindle - "Doubt"

Electrostatic - "Shine"

Loni Rose - "I Never Thought That You Would Come"

Episode 1.3 Monsters
Christina Aguilera - "Genie in a Bottle"

The 88 - "All the Same"

The 88 - "Hate Me"

Kevin Bowe - "Ordinary Life"

Episode 1.4 Leaving Normal
Black Toast Music - "Where It's At"

James William Hindle - "Leaving Trains"

Episode 1.5 Missing
The Waking Hours - "Almost Nearly There"

Goldo - "Feedin' On The Pain"
Glen Phillips - "Darkest Hour"

Episode 1.6 285 South
Euphoria - "Wait For You"

Skycopter 9 - "Cosmic Explosion"

Keith Kohn - "Black Vanilla"

Julie Wood - "Imaginary Girl"

Episode 1.7 River Dog
Rip Tide Music - "Sinking Ship"

Dispatch - "Time Served"

Morphic Field (Keith Kohn) - "Loves Deadly Touch"

Episode 1.8 Blood Brothers
Communique - "Cross Your Heart"

Bleach - "Broke In The Head"
weaklazyliar - "The Story of My Life"

Episode 1.9 Heat Wave
Morphic Field - "I Won't Lie to You"
James William Hindle - "Come Down Slowly"

Dive Index - "Middle Man"

Save Ferris - "Let Me In"

Extreme Music - "Club Asia"

Heiruspecs -"Meters"

Steve Reynolds - "Satellite"

Episode 1.10 The Balance
Mustard Seeds - "Coming Up Roses"
Jackpot - "Hide In The Frequency"

Chris Heifner/Hefshil - "Yesterday"

Dan Mackenzie - "Don't Even Start"

Gigolo Aunts - "Only You"

weaklazyliar - "Again"

Episode 1.11 The Toy House
Hutch - "Turn It Around"

Counting Crows - "Amy Hit the Atmosphere"

RubberSideDown - "Hot Wheels a Go Go"

Alexi Murdoch - "Song For You"

Joya - "Sumthin Ain't Right"

Communique - "Annabelle"

Episode 1.12 Into The Woods
Allergic - "Slippin'"

Athenaeum - "Banana"

Communique - "Evening In The City"
Thomas Anderson - "You Surprize Me"

Episode 1.13 The Convention
Manplanet - "I, Robot"

Raging Honkies - "Alien"

Astronaut Wife - "Flying Saucer"

Bree Sharp - "Galaxy Song"

Hypnogaja - "The Spaceman"

Sherstin - "Lucky"

Episode 1.14 Blind Date
Bleach - "Heartbeat"

The Belles - "Never Said Anything"

Elusive - "How Long I Waited"

Relient K - "Falling Out"

Buva/Sandstrom Thomas - "The Things That You Do"

Thomas Anderson - "Holiday"

Majandra Delfino - "In The Air Tonight"

Episode 1.15 Independence Day
Highwater Rising - "Life in Three Parts"

The Get Set - "Big Nothing"

Neva Dinova - "Did You Disappoint Your God?"

Episode 1.16 Sexual Healing
Last Days of April - "All Will Break"

Rebecca Lord - "After All This Time"

Evan Olson - "Ticking Away"

Episode 1.17 Crazy
Erin McKeown - "Slung-Lo"

Renee Stahl - "Above Beside Below"

Lori Denae - "Kinda Wanna"

Treble Charger - "What You Want"

Athenaeum - "On Her Way"

Wayne Wesley Johnson - "Rumba Azul"

Julie Wood - "Open My Eyes"

Episode 1.18 Tess, Lies, and Videotape
Bloom - "Love Minus Zero"

Allergic - "The End Of Days"

The Tories - "Greatest Foe"

Episode 1.19 Four Square
RubberSideDown - "Some Other Place"

Bullets of Orange - "Girl"

Episode 1.20 Max to the Max
The Get Set - "I Feel Free"

Jettared - "A Conversation With The Past" (formerly titled "Unsaid")
Athenaeum - "On Her Way"

Luna Halo - "Aliens"

Curtis Skelton (singer), Jim Latham (composer) - "Master of Ceremonies"

1.21 The White Room
Hypnogaja - "Nothing Box"

1.22 Destiny
Dido - "Here with Me"

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